Nimi Ponnudurai

nimi ponudari

Originally from Sri Lanka, having lived in Paris, NY, LA, London and Milan, Nimi has been a model, stylist and fashion consultant, trotting the globe. Her far-flung adventures in music and fashion imbued her with an insatiable curiosity for other cultures; the way that people create and live their identities. Over the years, the wear and tear of nonstop full on modern life gradually honed her into a completely eco-aware lifestyle where meat does not pass her lips and chemicals never touch her body. From being on the move, she has settled in Amsterdam to focus on the development of WoollyBoolly, a company that synthesises her purest passions for design, fashion, craft, sustainability and women’s empowerment – combined with a unique edge that only Nimi herself could muster. She is hands-on in every step of the process from blank paper and pencil all the way through to photo shoots and models.